Building on its history of research and knowledge mobilization, the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) has established a partnership with the Offord Centre for Child Studies at McMaster University and four exceptional organizations to build communities of practice aligned with the four key components of Ontario’s well-being strategy.

Ontario is leading the way with this unique brand of collaboration and knowledge sharing. Working with established researchers and professionals in a range of fields, the network will connect front-line educators to the most up-to-date research about student well-being, and promote evidence-based practices.

Communities of Practice

Intended audiences include classroom teachers, school-based teacher leaders, curriculum leaders, school and district administrators, university researchers/educators, professional mathematics organizations, and parent community groups.

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Guiding Principles

Promote Wellness
in Education

for the individual, community and society

Connect Educators & Researchers

to develop and share knowledge

Connect Support Staff & Researchers

to embed the principles of well-being
into all schools

Network Updates and News

July 2018 Update

April 2018 Update

January 2018 Update

November 2017 Update

Fall 2017 Update

June 2017 Update 



Mac, school board to lead student well-being networks

Hamilton will be leading the effort to equip Ontario schools with new resources to improve student well-being.

The Ministry of Education has announced that the Hamilton public school board and McMaster University's Offord Centre for Child Studies have been chosen to spur the building of "knowledge networks" addressing in an integrated way... [continue reading article]

Popular Resources from the Well-Being Network

  • Project Leaders

    Research Leaders

    Offord Centre for Child Studies, McMaster University

    Dr. Kathy Georgiades, Steven Ma

    Positive Mental Health community of practice

    School Mental Health ASSIST

    Dr. Kathy Short, Dr. Gail McVey

    Safe and Accepting Schools community of practice


    Dr. Tracy Vaillancourt

    Equity and Inclusive Education community of practice

    The Social Planning Network of Ontario

    Peter Clutterbuck

    Healthy Schools community of practice

    Ontario Healthy Schools Coalition

    Carol MacDougall, Chris Preece

  • Contact

    For more information about the Knowledge Network for Student Well-Being, please contact:

    Don Buchanan 
    Knowledge Network Facilitator

    Twitter: @DonBuchanan4

    Connect on Twitter Twitter bird

    @OntHSC Ontario Healthy Schools Coalition
    @SMHASSIST School Mental Health ASSIST
    @theSPNO Social Planning Network of Ontario
    @PREVNet PREVNet
    @OffordCentre Offord Centre for Child Studies
    @HWDSB Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board